For Psychology Teachers

April 15, 2019

Are you teaching psychology in your  homeschool, co-op, or Christian school?

Do you want to teach from a distincly Christian worldview perspective?

Do you need help weaving the Christian worldview into every lesson.

Join Dr. Tim Rice’s Teacher Seminar.

Teaching psychology is easy. There are lots of resources for teaching psychology’s content. But most are critical of, or silent about, issues that Christians hold dear.

In college, Christian students may encounter professors and peers who ridicule Christianity as unscientific, irrational, and silly. This seminar will help you explain why the Christian worldview is not silly — that it provides the most logical and meaningful framework for understanding psychology. Your psychology class can strengthen your students’ faith.

Two sessions in April — each limited to 25 participants.

Tuesday April 23rd,  @ 3pm Eastern

Tuesday April 30th @ 7pm Eastern


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Topics include:

Modern psychology’s extent and influence.
Why psychology is controversial among Christians.
How and when does modern psychology and the Christian worldview intersect.
The worldview beliefs in psychology’s major theories and schools-of-thought.
Responding to evolutionary psychology.
How to weave worldview issues into every lesson.

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