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Introduce students to Psychology from a distinctively Christian Perspective.

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Year after year and semester after semester students rate Psychology: A Christian Perspective as their favorite high school class.

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College. Are they ready?

Freshman year is challenging for Christian students. Many take Psychology in college and it can test their worldview. Introduce your students to the study of the mind – from a distinctly Christian perspective. Whatever you think about psychology, the time to deal with it is before your student goes to college. Prepare them now. Dr. Tim Rice, D. Min., LPC has written two distinctively Christian texts to ready students for the worldview challenges they’ll face in Psychology 101 and to introduce them to the study of God’s Greatest Creation — the human mind..

Dr. Rice offers textbooks, a teacher’s guide, student workbook and other resources for homeschoolers, Christian schools, and co-ops. He also offers live online classes for high school students.

“It’s crazy to me how psychology teachers know so much about the subject and how the brain works and not believe that there is a creator.” – Oliva N. former student

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About Me

I introduce students to the study of God’s grandest creation – the human mind. When we approach psychology from a Christian perspective, it makes more sense. From my perspective, God created psychology when He made us, and psychology class gives students a new kind of awe of His design of our minds. I also prepare Christian students for college psychology class. In college students learn about behaviorism, Freudian psychodynamic psychology, humanistic psychology, and evolutionary psychology. They are worldviews that make specific claims about human nature – what it means to be human. Students need to those claims and be able to positively assert that the Christian worldview is the most logical, internally consistent, and meaningful paradigm for understanding the big questions about the human mind.

Should psychology be included in your curriculum?

How I teach psychology from a Christian perspective.

Should you teach psychology to middle schoolers?

At State U., they’ll…

  • …learn naturalism – you are your brain.
  • …learn behaviorism – your free-will is an illusion. Men and animals are the same.
  • …learn about Freud’s psycho-sexual theories of the mind.
  • …learn that if it feels good it must be right – humanistic psychology.
  • …learn that your mind was formed in the Stone Age and hasn’t changed much since -- evolutionary psychology.

In my class, we…

  • …love God -- He made psychology when He created Mankind.
  • …take a biblical approach. What does the Bible say about your mind?
  • …believe you have freedom to choose and responsibility for your actions.
  • …embrace science – especially psychological science, but we recognize where science stops and worldviews start.
  • …get a good laugh out of evolutionary theories and understand that your Christian worldview makes the most sense.
  • …learn the fundamentals psychology every Christian student needs to know.

Online High School Psychology Courses

Graduation is just around the corner. There’s an important elective they need before college. Spring 2018 Classes are Underway • Pre-registration for Fall open now.

Year after year and semester after semester, students rate Psychology: A Christian Perspective as their favorite High School class.

In his live interactive lectures, Dr. Rice introduces students to psychology from a distinctly Christian perspective. Students learn how Evolution replaced Freud, Behaviorism, and Humanism as Psychology’s dominant worldview and why the Christian worldview is the most logical, internally consistent, and meaningful paradigm for understanding the big questions about the Mind.

What I Mean By Psychology From Christian Perspective

What I Mean By Psychology from a Christian Perspective

Distinctively Christian Introductory Psychology Textbooks.

Distinctively Christian Introductory Psychology Textbooks


I also appreciate the feedback that you have give on her homework. I”m impressed that though this is not a writing course, you give such clear instruction and expectations, complete with rubric. I’ve seen far less from English Comp I instructors at our community college where my older girls attended!

Better Than Expected

I wanted to take the time to tell you how thankful I am that (my daughter) is taking your class! It really was an answer to prayer.

It has exceeded my expectations.

Fantastic Classroom Interaction

The thing that pleases me most is how it simulates classroom interaction rather than the students just sitting quietly in their living rooms listening to a canned presentation! You are able to respond to their questions and shift gears when you feel the need. . .COOL! My daughter is learning so much and really enjoying the Intro to Psychology class with you.