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July 8, 2018

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Student Textbooks — Which book is right for me?

There are two textbooks: Homeschool Psych 2nd Edition and Psychology: A Christian Perspective. The books are more alike than different. Both offer a comprehensive CLEP test level overview of Psychology appropriate for high school students — challenging, but understandable, with interesting case studies and examples and a distinctly Christian perspective.

The book differ in their intended audience and use.

Distinctively Christian Introductory Psychology TextbooksHomeschool Psych is intended for homeschoolers and independent study students. It is designed to be turn-key and easy to use for parents and students. Homeschool Psych plus the Student Workbook and Answer Keys requires very little teacher involvement, and allows parents to craft the course to meet their student’s needs.

Homeschool Psych 2nd Edition. Preparing Christian Homeschool Students for Psych 101 ISBN: 978-0-9815587-7-6 Look Inside Homeschool Psych

REVISED! Homeschool Psych: Preparing Christian Homeschool Students for Psychology 101. Student Workbook, Quizzes and Answer Key ISBN: 978-0-9815587-1-4 See Workbook Sample


Psychology: A Christian Perspective is intended for Christian Schools and Co-ops – with a Teacher. There’s no pre-packaged student workbook, there is however a Teachers’ Guide with reproducible items, quiz questions, essay ideas, discussions, and opportunities for further study.

Psychology: A Christian Perpective, High School Edition ISBN: 978-0-9815587-2-1 Look Inside

REVISED! Psychology: A Christian Perspective. Teachers’ Guide ISBN 978-0-9815587-3-8 LOOK INSIDE


Online Classes

What I Mean By Psychology from a Christian PerspectiveYear after year, students say that Psychology: A Christian perspective was their favorite high school class. Two options for students. Learn more HERE.


Teacher Resources

This is not a psychology textbook. This is a book is about psychology. It is about bringing the Christian worldview to psychology class.

This book is useful for teachers who want some help to bring the Christian worldview to every lecture.

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