Psychology. The Best Evidence of Intelligent Design

July 13, 2015

Students entering college today do so at a time when Darwinian naturalism provides the framework for understanding all life. Darwinian naturalism, applied to the origins of human mind is called evolutionary psychology.

Evolutionary psychology is a big idea. It brings with it dangerous ideas and astonishing hypotheses. Many people who believe evolution is true (changes in gene frequencies over time) stop short of believing that it applies to them. They stop short of believing there is psychological continuity — an unbroken line of mental powers and capacities that extends backwards to ancient ancestors in the Pleistocene Epoch (about 200,000 years ago). They stop short of believing that evolution by natural selection can account for consciousness, morality, our capacity to make decisions and complex plans, language, music, art, religious experience, atheism, love, empathy, altruism, hate, greed, dreams, and everything else that makes us human.

That’s why I say psychology provides the best evidence for special creation. Take evolution at its word. Follow it to its logical conclusions. See if you believe.

Psychology, from a Christian perspective, provides an opportunity for Christian students to understand and be able to effectively communicate that the Christian worldview is a most logical, internally consistent, and meaningful paradigm for understanding the big questions about the Mind. After all, it is God’s grandest creation.

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