Psychology: A Christian Perspective (Live Online Class)


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Graduation is just around the corner. There’s an important elective they need before college.

Registration for Fall classes open now.

Year after year, students rate Psychology: A Christian Perspective with Dr. Tim Rice as their favorite High School class.

In his live interactive lectures, Dr. Rice introduces students to psychology from a distinctly Christian perspective. They come away understanding why the Christian worldview is the most logical, internally consistent, and meaningful paradigm for understanding the big questions about the Mind.

After all, it is God’s grandest creation.

Two Options:

Option #1 (Lecture only option): students attend 15 online lectures (about 1.5 hours each) and participate in the class discussion (chat) about assigned readings. In Option #1, I do not give homework, assignments, or tests. Parents can use Homeschool Psych’s Student Workbook or Psychology: A Christian Perspective’s Teachers’ Guide to assess student performance and assign grades. The cost for Option #1 is $159.

Option #2 (Lectures, quizzes, discussion, essays, and a grade): In addition to the 15 live lectures, full option students have access to PowerSchool, my online classroom management program. There, I assign 4 short essays, discussion posts, quizzes, and a final exam and assign a grade. The cost for Option #2 is $259.



Which book goes with the lectures?

They both do. Students can use either textbook — Homeschool Psych OR Psychology A Christian Perspective.  Christian Book Distributors, ROCK Solid, Rainbow Resource and other retailers carry the books or you can order a copy from at my website (

If you’d like turn-key, easy to use assignments that require little teacher involvement, I recommend you get Homeschool Psych and the accompanying student workbook

If you’d like to be more involved and craft the assignments, you should get Psychology: A Christian Perspective and the Teachers’ Guide.

Do I need a microphone and web cam for class?

No. 100% of your communication to me and the class can be in the chat.

What if I to miss a lecture – will there be an archive?

If you have to miss a week, the best option is to join another class that week, but I will archive one of the sessions each week.

When are classes? 

Wednesday, Noon Eastern

Important Dates

Classes begin Monday Aug 19th.

Fall break: Oct 1st-5th

Thanksgiving break Nov 19th-23rd.

Last day of Fall Semester is Friday Dec. 14th