Psychology Class Homeschool Co-op Tool Kit

Psychology Class Homeschool Co-op Tool Kit


30+ recorded lectures, discount code for 20% on books, and more.

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You could be the psychology teacher at your co-op. You will love it. Students like psychology, but more importantly, you’ll have opportunity for important discussions and to prepare students for what they’ll hear in college psych class. Psychology class can strengthen students’ faith.

Dr. Tim Rice has resources to help. The Co-op Tool Kit contains 30+ supplemental lectures, discount code saving students 20% on books, and 1 print copy of Psychology: A Christian Perspective and the Teachers’ Guide.


Title Description Duration
0.1 Parent Introduction Introduction to Dr. Tim Rice’s online class — For Parents.

Answers the questions: Who is this guy. What does he mean by “psychology from a Christian perspective”? What’s different about his class.

1.0 What Is Psychology? Dr. Rice encourages a ‘big’ definition of psychology that encompasses core components of the Christian worldview.  (CP) 37:35
1.1 History of Psychology (CLEP) Dr. Rice reviews the definition and history of psychology. 5:41
2.0 What Does The Christian Worldview Have To Do With Psychology? The fundamental issues when bringing the Christian worldview to psychology class. (CP) 53:31
2.1 Is the Bible a Psychology Textbook 10:04
2.3 Sin What does ‘The Problem of Sin’ have to do with psychology? 3:06
2.4 Free-will What does ‘free-will’ have to do with psychology? 4:55
2.5 Morality, Sexuality, and Gender 4:19
3.1 History of Psychology Pt 1 Lecture #3.  The History of Psychology and its Worldviews Pt 1 (CP) 19:22
3.1 History of Psychology Pt 2 Lecture #3 Pt 2. The first, second, and third waves in the history of psychology. (CP) 29:53
3.2  History of Psychology and Major Schools of Thought (CLEP) Dr. Rice describes psychology’s major schools of thought (Not Christian Perspective (CLEP) 4.31
3.3 Freud
3.4 Humanism
4.1 Dangerous and Astonishing 5:12
4.2 Neuromania
6.1 Emotions 2:52
7.1 Behaviorism 3:16
9.0 Consciousness 3:21
9.0 Consciousness Pt 2 4:33
9.1 Hypnosis 2:30
9.2 Dreams 3:37
9.3 Meditation 2:10
11.1 Personality 4:25
12.1 Abnormal and Treatment Psychology 15:38
13.2 Anti-Psychology and Integration 7:54
13.3 What Works in therapy? 11:51
14.1 Social Psychology
15.1 Research Methods (CLEP) Research methods in psychology. 8:19
15.2 Research Methods Pt 2 (CLEP) More about psychological research methods. 14:58
16.0 Evolutionary Psychology – The Tree of Life 6:15
16.1 EP Food, Shelter, and Sex 8:43
16.2 EP Love, Religion, Language, and A. Wallace
16.3 EP Difficult Questions 1:56