About the Online Psychology Class: A Christian Perspective

High School graduation is just around the corner. There’s an important elective your children need before they leave for college. Psychology is one of the first classes students take in college and one of the most worldview-challenging classes they’ll take.

Year after year, students rate Psychology: A Christian Perspective as their favorite High School class.

Dr. Rice’s online lectures help students take their Christian worldview to Psychology class. Students complete a CLEP-level introductory psychology course – with a distinctly Christian perspective. More importantly, students learn that the Christian worldview is the most logical, internally consistent, and meaningful paradigm for understanding the big questions about the Mind.

After all, it is God’s grandest creation.

Spring 2021 Registration Now Open. Classes start week of January 11, 2021. Winter Break: Feb 22-26. Easter Break March 29 - April 2. Live classes meet on Wednesdays at noon Eastern and on Thursday at 9:30am Eastern. Self-paced option available.

Flexible Options for Homeschoolers

Live Classes meet Wednesday at Noon Eastern, and Thursday at 9:30am Eastern.

Option #1 (Full option) Lectures, quizzes, discussion, essays, and a grade -- 1/2 credit: I assign 4 short essays, discussion posts, quizzes, and a final exam and assign a grade. $259.

Option #2 (Lectures only option): : Students attend 15 online lectures (about 1.5 hours each) and participate in the live class discussion (chat). Parents/teachers assess student performance and assign grades. $149.

Option #3 (Self-paced option): Same CLEP-level introduction to psychology and Christian worldview perspective. Students watch recorded lectures they take quizzes and a final, complete study guides, and write academic essays in the style of the American Psychological Association. $149.

Syllabus available upon request.

At State U., they’ll…

  • …learn naturalism – you are your brain.
  • …learn behaviorism – your free-will is an illusion. Men and animals are the same.
  • …learn about Freud’s psycho-sexual theories of the mind.
  • …learn that if it feels good it must be right – humanistic psychology.
  • …learn that your mind was formed in the Stone Age and hasn’t changed much since -- evolutionary psychology.

In my class, we…

  • …love God -- He made psychology when He created Mankind.
  • …take a biblical approach. What does the Bible say about your mind?
  • …believe you have freedom to choose and responsibility for your actions.
  • …embrace science – especially psychological science, but we recognize where science stops and worldviews start.
  • …get a good laugh out of evolutionary theories and understand that your Christian worldview makes the most sense.
  • …learn the fundamentals psychology every Christian student needs to know.
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