(fill in the blank) evolved to…

July 14, 2015

Zebra stripes evolved to keep biting flies at bay.

The immune system evolved to discriminate infectious nonself from noninfectious self.

Nicotine, cocaine and opium, are products of natural selection that evolved to protect plants from insects.

Flying fish evolved to escape prehistoric predators.

We evolved to become Homo negotiatus, a species keen to count and compare.

Induced TReg cells evolved to protect the fetus.

The pelvis evolved to be much reduced in size and separate from the backbone.

Himalayan snakes have evolved to live in hot springs.

We evolved to see sacredness all around us and to join with others into teams that circle around sacred objects, people and ideas.

Humans evolved to be moral.

Humans evolved to explore.

Mouse lemurs evolved to be a cryptic species.

The fear module is a relatively independent behavioral, mental, and neural system that evolved to assist mammals in defending against threats such as snakes.

Muscles evolved to fine-tune focusing and to point the eye in different directions.

Light detection have first evolved to set up rhythms and routines for feeding, movement, and reproduction.

Humans evolved to be exquisitely sensitive to changes in status.

We evolved to forget our dreams.

Sex evolved to prevent parasite infections.

Many cases of mimicry involve organisms which have evolved to look like inanimate objects.

Bee Orchid flowers have evolved to mimic female bees.

Some fish evolved to climb waterfalls with their mouths.

Aa the ancestral tetrapods began to live in shallower waters, their skulls evolved to be flatter, with eyes facing upward..

As animals evolved to live on land, other changes in the rest of their bodies evolved.

Carnivores evolved to pick meats over sweets.

Promiscuity evolved to fight back against inbreeding.

Girls evolved to shop.

Biologists evolved to do it better.

The free market evolved to keep humans humble.

Language evolved to depend on multiple-cue integration.

The human foot evolved to act as a platform to support the entire weight of the body, rather than acting as a grasping structure, as it did in early hominids.

Bats evolved to fix DNA from damage caused by flight

Depression evolved to fight wound infections.

Some kinds of dinosaurs evolved to acquire intelligence.

Since a pathogen’s fitness is determined by its success in transmitting offspring to other hosts, it was thought at one time, that virulence moderated and it evolved toward commensality.

Human hands evolved for punching.

The human brain has evolved to be very efficient at pattern recognition.

Wrinkly fingers evolved to help grip wet objects.

The female lower back has evolved to accommodate the weight of pregnancy.

Humans are born athletes who evolved ‘runner’s high’ to keep us moving.

Brain mechanisms evolved to identify cheaters.

Religion evolved to enhance cooperation and cohesion within groups.

Cars have evolved to go faster – but humans haven’t.

Roots evolved to provide a more comfortable habitat for mycorrhizal fungi.

Grasslands evolved to a dominant state at least 15Ma earlier in South America.

Humans have evolved to need coercion.

We evolved to eat a lot of seafood.

American carnivores evolved to avoid each other.

Bats evolved to hear flies having Sex.

Allergies evolved to protect us.

Menopause evolved to prevent competition between in-laws.

We evolved to have less willpower than we need.

Many animals evolved to masturbate.

We evolved to reject climate science.

Carnivores evolved to pick meats over sweets.

Fox News evolved on marriage equality.

Grasshoppers evolved to deal with our noise.

Although many mammals sweat, few have evolved to use sweating for effective thermoregulation.

Mesozoic synapsids evolved to the point of having a jaw joint composed of the dentary and squamosal bones.

Mammal-like rib cages evolved to increase agility.

The shell evolved to protect turtles from predators, but it also slows them by a great amount.

Seahorses evolved to swim standing up.

Bedbugs evolved to live with mankind.

Humans evolved to believe in God.

Women evolved to protect themselves from sexual assault

Whether or not human males evolved to rape women is, to put it mildly, a controversial topic.

We evolved to cry

Budweiser formula evolved to encourage greater consumption.

Men evolved to be cocky.

Superstitions evolved to help us survive.

Men evolved to climax faster in order to stay alive.

Early humans evolved to crack a nutty problem.

Whispering bat evolved to trick prey.

Tibetans evolved to survive high life.

Supersized squid eyes evolved to see whales.

Europeans evolved to drink more.

Kissing evolved to spread germs, not feelings.

Pre-humans in Africa evolved to beat the heat.

Fish may not have evolved gills to breathe.

Humans evolved to be peaceful.

Humans evolved to smoke pot.

Women evolved to prefer superior rich men like Mitt Romney

Starving orangutans explain why humans evolved to become obese.

Fearful expressions evolved to mimic babies’ faces

Disgust evolved to protect from risk of disease

Pygmies evolved to be shorter.

The human melanocyte stimulating hormone receptor evolved to become super-sensitive to melanocortin peptides.

Humans evolved to live longer because of grandmothers.

Ice Age beasts evolved to beat the cold.

We evolved to be active not inactive.

Fish evolved to survive GE toxins in Hudson River

The brain evolved to glorify monogamy yet make screwing around irresistible.

Mustard evolved to give predators an unpleasantly spicy meal.

Reason evolved to win arguments.

City dwellers evolved to fend off TB.

Life has evolved to evolve.

The now extinct Phorusrhacidae evolved to be very powerful terrestrial predators.

Tiny fish evolved to tolerate colder temperatures.

Primates evolved to play relationship games.

The structure of a plant, its branching and leaf arrangement evolved to reduce herbivore impact.

In Columbine flowers, nectar spurs evolved to match the tongues of pollinators.

Males that fight for mates evolved to die young

Brain structure evolved to deal with varied social life

Humans evolved to get revenge.

Pigs evolved to love mud.

Acne evolved to prevent us from reproducing too young.

We evolved to lie because it is an effective strategy for survival.

We evolved to be creationists.

You evolved to procrastinate.

REM sleep evolved to permit more freedom in the expression of instinctive behaviour.

We evolved to dream.

Naked mole rats evolved to handle acid.

Our genes evolved to turn against us.

Genes evolved to prevent mutations in other genes and play a vital role in defending the organism from cancer.

Vampires evolved to live on blood alone

We evolved to have less willpower than we need

Microbes in the Gulf have evolved to deal with oil spills

Bigger brains evolved to cope with dim light

Humanity evolved to cope with 30°C+ heat

Androgenic alopecia evolved to protect men from prostate cancer by increasing skin exposure to ultraviolet radiation.

Fish evolved to float at different sea depths

Feathers evolved to retain heat; later, they were repurposed for a means of flight.

Ethics are the discursive regime that evolved to govern the irreducible duplicities between the general and the specific.

Water striders evolved to literally grab female eyes.

A designed ankyrin repeat protein evolved to picomolar affinity to Her2.

Hairlessness evolved to avoid biting insects.

Hairlessness evolved to control body temperature in the heat.

Cumulative culture evolved to rapidly coordinate novel behaviours.

Humans evolved to eat chocolate.

Men have evolved to choose young wives.

Man has evolved to be good at texting.

The immune system has evolved to prevent autoimmune disease.

Blood vessels, which arose later in evolution than nerves, co-opted several of the organizational principles and molecular mechanisms that evolved to wire up the nervous system.

The two kinds of grasses evolved to handle water differently at a cellular level.

TLR3 evolved to permit cross-priming of CTLs against viruses that do not directly infect dendritic cells.

In a few hundred generations, cells evolved to reach the predicted optimal expression levels.

Given that Notch is crucial for animal development, it is not surprising that elaborate mechanisms have evolved to control expression of the Notch gene.

Estrogen evolved to serve many purposes.

An RNA polymerase in plants evolved to control repetitive DNA and certain transoposons.

Blue oaks evolved to withstand disappointing years of little rain and high temperatures.

Human friendship evolved to fight off threats from predators

Supersized monarch butterflies evolved to fly far

Humans evolved to be peaceful, cooperative and social animals, not predators.

Our eyes evolved to see in a dark world.

Carnivorous plants evolved to eat other creatures due to their growth in nutrient-poor soil.

Trees evolved to obtain light and photosynthesize at the greatest rate.

Plants evolved to mimic the scent of beetles.

Housewives evolved to devalue themselves.

The tea party evolved to protect us from tyranny.

Timing of childbirth evolved to match women’s energy limits.

The Gibberellin perception system evolved to regulate a pre-existing GAMYB-mediated system during land plant evolution.

We evolved to trust only religious people.

Color vision evolved to detect blushing.

We evolved to walk on our heels in order to save energy while out hunter gathering.

The vaccinia virus evolved to subvert the host immune response.

Our brains evolved to expect stories with a particular structure, with protagonists and villains, a hill to be climbed or a battle to be fought.

Religions evolved to take the credit for good stuff.

The genome of blue stain fungus evolved to bypass tree defense in mountain pine beetle epidemic.

Tortoise shapes evolved to avoid turning turtle.

Music evolved to cement relationships.

Mycobacterium Tuberculosis [TB] evolved to become a successful pathogen.

Dogs evolved to read human cues.

Humans changed a great deal as they moved out of Africa and evolved to fit into various ecological niches around the world.

Bacteria evolved to feast on sushi.

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