College Prep for Homeschoolers…did you forget a BIG one? Top Three Reasons to Include Psychology in your Homeschool Curriculum. Parent and Student Versions.

November 28, 2017

Parent Version

1. Psychology 101 is required at today’s colleges and universities. Psychology’s major theories are, at the worldview level, wholly inconsistent with a Christian worldview. Students need to understand why.

2. Many Christian students go on to helping careers in counseling or social work. Those who don’t leave home for a culture fascinated with all things psychological. Psychology’s theories influence education, parenting practices, nursing, business, advertising, and any other career path they might pursue. Students need to recognize psychology’s influence.

3. Psychology from a Christian worldview perspective makes sense. Students leave home for a world where the Christian worldview is mocked and ridiculed. But the Christian worldview is the most logical, internally consistent, and meaningful paradigm for understanding the big questions about the Mind. After all, it is God’s grandest creation. Christian students need to understand why.

Student Version

1. Psychology class is an easy A.

2. Psychology is cooler than algebra II.

3. The things you learn might come in handy someday.

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