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Special multi-copy pricing for co-ops and Christian schools. 2-9 copies (10% discount), 10-19 copies (15% discount), 20 or more copies (20% discount). Wholesale inquiries welcome.

Co-op and Christian School Discount Schedule AKA BULK Order Page text (Photo of Book?) Psychology: A Christian Perspective, High School Edition is intended for Christian schools and homeschool co-ops who want an in-depth study of psychology from a Christian worldview perspective. Psychology: A Christian Perspective, High School Edition mirrors the content in most college-level Intro Psych texts. Psychology: A Christian Perspective, High School Edition has an accompanying Teachers' Guide that includes Chapter Outlines and Summaries, Learning Objectives, Key Concepts & People, Activities & Discussion, For Further Study, Questions for Review, and Chapter Quizzes (with answer keys). Free USPS domestic shipping

  • 2-9 copies (10% discount)
  • 10-19 copies (15% discount)
  • 20 or more copies (20% discount)

Special offer for Psychology: A Christian Perspective, High School Edition only and does not apply to Dr. Rice’s other titles. “Thank you, Dr. Rice for writing Psychology: A Christian Perspective. It is helping the faculty, students and me in fulfilling God’s call to equip students like we have not been able to before now.” “I am the instructor of the Psychology I & Psychology II courses. We use your textbook for both and I find it very good. We chose your textbook because of the Christian perspective which allows us to continually examine somewhat controversial concepts within our Biblical worldview. My educational background and professional training is in clinical and community psychology, and my goal when developing our course was to present the valuable ideas offered through the study of psychology to Christian high school students. To my knowledge, your textbook is the only one that allows for this type of examination. We will use your textbook again next year for the same courses. Thanks.”

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