Dr. Tim Rice, D.Min, LPC - Homeschool Psychology

Since 2007, through his textbooks and live classes, Dr. Tim Rice introduced thousands of students to the study of the human mind and prepared them for psychology class in college.

In every psychology class, students learn about behaviorism, Freudian psychodynamic psychology, humanistic psychology, and evolutionary psychology. Dr. Rice’s goal is help students recognize the anti-Christian assumptions underlying each of modern psychology’s major theories and schools of thought. They are worldviews, and each makes specific claims about human nature – what it means to be human.

Sometimes, psychology professors seek to undermine the Christian worldview, to use psychology to ridicule and attack faith. Some may think that the Christian worldview is silly. My goal is to help students understand why it is not.

Dr. Rice’s goal is also to equip students to positively assert the Christian worldview as the most logical, internally consistent, and meaningful paradigm for understanding the big questions about the human mind. After all, it is God’s grandest creation.

When we approach psychology from a Christian perspective, it makes more sense. Psychology class is an opportunity for students to experience a new kind of awe at the wonder of God’s creation. The ways we sense and perceive the world, our personalities, emotional lives, and relationships are unique in the world, awe-inspiring, and worthy of study. Psychology class provides an opportunity to think about a host of important issues. A well-taught psychology class strengthens students’ faith.

Dr. Rice and his wife Tina (Tina mostly) homeschooled their four children throughout their education. Tina writes product reviews and the “About Our Cover” selection for The Old Schoolhouse Magazine and is the Tie Dye Maven of Tina’s Tie Dye.

“I love talking to teenagers about psychology from a Christian perspective. Invite me to speak to your group.

-Dr. Tim Rice